What is a Weisse?

Weisse not find out below?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t can be said that wheat beers are the oldest beer style still in existence in the world dating back to 1040 AD. How is that for a bit of history? A weissebier is a top-fermented ale with historical roots in the southern Bavaria regions of Germany. In simplistic wording to be called a weissebier two things need to be present in the production of the beer, wheat grains & hefeweizen yeast. Firstly the grain bill of the recipe must consist of a large percentage of wheat relative to the overall grain bill. The large percentage of wheat helps give the beer a fuller mouth feel than other beer styles, in addition it helps create creamy billowy aromatic foam on top of your beer when poured. As well traditional flavours cannot be imparted into the beer without the use of hefeweizen yeast. All or Nothing uses a traditional hefeweizen yeast strain to impart the well-known characteristics of banana and bubble gum in our Hopfenweisse. In order to get our signature citrus finish to the beer we use a complex blend of west coast style hops during the making of the beer which is uncharacteristic to the traditional style!