Vintage Fridge Fleet

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile we are always looking ahead to see what new innovations we can bring to the world of wheat beers, we’ve definitely got a soft spot for fridges from the past. In fact, our bright yellow retro refrigerators have become iconic on the Ontario craft beer festival circuit, signalling to all around that the Hopfenweisse is here, it’s delicious and it’s ice cold. Our collection is always growing, and each new ice box brings its own unique personality to the group. Check out our current roster below, and be sure to say hi next time you see one of our Fridge Fleet in the wild!

Westingate Modified_300pxwide
Made in 1955

Westey is The General’s partner in crime, standing tall next to him when one fridge just isn’t enough. She also likes to remind him that she’s about 10 years younger.  A real workhorse, she’s spent her time visiting cities and towns all over Ontario, sharing the love of great beer with the good people of this province. Her elegant lines and minimal design are a tribute to her class and sophistication. While she may have shed the ancient compressor that once kept her cool, we think she’s pretty happy with the shiny new beer tap and quick-release draught lines we pimped her out with. Be sure to say “Hi” next time you see her in action.

Made in 1942

Short and squat, Kelvin holds a permanent place in our retail store, greeting beer lovers with his glittering yellow paint job. Dating to the 1940’s, Kelvin once kept beer cold for the Greatest Generation. Retired now, he spends his twilight years reminiscing about all the thirsty people he served over the years, while silently guarding our offices every night. Next time you stop by, be sure to say hi, but don’t get too close, or you’ll walk away covered in glitter. Try explaining that one to your girlfriend.

Kelvinator Modified_300pxwide
General Electric Modified_300pxwide
"The General"
General Electric
Made in 1946

The first fridge we ever got our hands on, The General started our obsession with vintage iceboxes. A true workhorse, this GE refrigerator dates to the mid-1940s, and has joined us at every major festival and beer event we’ve participated in over the last two years. Equipped with two draught taps , this gentle giant can pour two kegs at a time. Add a new coat of yellow paint and some eye-catching graphics, and The General feels like a young whippersnapper again, ready to be the centre of attention at every party.

MADE IN 1963

A tin toy from the 60’s, Junior isn’t ready for the big time just yet. However, he always wants to be part of the action, which is why we let him tag along for special events and promotions. While he doesn’t have room for beer, he’s just so darn adorable, how could we say no? Of course, we haven’t got the heart to tell him that he’s not going to get any bigger, so we’ll just let him keep dreaming.

Mini Fridge_300pxwide1