Proper Pour:

Our beer is proudly unfiltered, meaning we choose to leave some of the yeast and wheat proteins in the final product. That’s what makes All or Nothing a little cloudy, and gives it that great flavour and mouth feel.  Over time, the beer will settle (called “flocculation”), but with a few simple steps you can ensure you get the optimal All or Nothing experience.

Step #1:

Gently flip the can upside down. Don’t shake it like someone who just won the Indy 500.

Step #2:

Rotate the can. This will help agitate the settled yeast at the bottom of the can. Then turn the can upright. Because you can’t open it upside down. Duh.

Step #3:

Pour your beer into a clean beer glass. Using a proper glass allows you to more fully experience the colour, flavours and aromas of our beer. For the total package, you can find the glasses we use in our Online Store.

Step #4:

Drink and Enjoy. That’s the whole point, right?