W hile we think our beer is pretty much perfect just the way it is, we also know that great things can happen when you collaborate. Just as we bring together 4 hops, 3 malts, water and yeast to create our unique All or Nothing Hopfenweisse, you can bring together all sorts of different ingredients to make some amazing cocktails. Beer is a versatile and flavorful addition to many of your favorite drinks, and we’ve put together some of our favourites for you to try at home. Enjoy an All or Nothing Mimosa or Sangria with Sunday brunch, or put a twist on a classic with the sophisticated Cornelius Weissbanger. Be sure to share you own cocktail creations using All or Nothing with us!

All or Nothing Bourbon Sour Weisse

A reimagining of a perennial favourite, this easy-drinking bourbon cocktail really highlights the citrus notes of our beer’s West Coast-style hops.


  • 2 oz bourbon, chilled
  • 2 limes
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 egg white
  • Angostura bitters
  • Ice
  • All or Nothing Hopfenweisse


Fill a shaker glass with ice.

Add bourbon, egg white and a couple dashes of bitters.

Squeeze in the juice of two limes, and a quarter of a lemon. Shake vigorously, and pour into a rocks glass, about half full.

Top off with All or Nothing Hopfenweisse, add some ground pepper and serve.

All or Nothing Mimosa

Nothing says “brunch” like eggs, bacon and mimosas! That refreshing blend of champagne and orange juice declares to the world “It’s breakfast, but it’s a Sunday, so I can indulge a little”. Even better, substitute champagne with All or Nothing Hopfenweisse! The tropical and citrus notes in our hops blend perfectly with your favourite OJ. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


  •  12 oz All or Nothing Hopfenweisse
  •  2-3 oz fresh orange juice


Combine fresh juice and All or Nothing in a tulip glass. Stir gently and serve with eggs benedict.

For a tropical twist, try using grapefruit or pineapple juice instead!

All or Nothing Sangria

While we believe that a well-made wheat beer tastes great all year round, our hot Ontario summers remind just how amazing our Hopfenweisse pairs with summer weather. For a juicy, ice-cold twist, we’ve created a Spanish-influenced wheat beer Sangria. The fresh fruit and grape juice boosts the tropical and citrus notes of the 4 types of hops, while the vodka and white grape juice add a tangy kick. Be sure to serve with lots of ice and some tasty tapas for a refreshing siesta from the summer heat.


  • 1.5 cups white grape juice
  • 1 cup vodka
  • 1 cup seedless grapes, halved
  • 1 red apple, sliced ¼ inch thick
  • 1 orange, sliced into wedges
  • 4 cans All or Nothing Hopfenweisse


In a large pitcher, combine grape juice, vodka and fruit. Place the pitcher in the fridge for between 1-8 hours, allowing the flavours to infuse.

When you are ready to serve, fill wine glasses with 1 part fruit mixture, 1 part All or Nothing Hopfenweisse. Stir gently and enjoy.

All or Nothing Michelada

For a Mexican inspired, ice-cold twist, we’ve created a wheat beer based michelada!

The spices and hints of lime play nicely with the 4 types of hops, while the tomato juice adds a complex twist that pairs great with the flavours imparted from our caramel malt use. Be sure to serve with lots of ice and some finger foods for a refreshing break from the summer heat.


  • 2 cups tomato juice
  • 2 cans All or Nothing Hopfenweisse
  • 1 pinch basil
  • 1 pinch oregano
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  •  1 pinch cayenne pepper
  •  lime slices & lime juice
  •  coarse salt
  •  ice cubes


Moisten the rim of a large beer glass, then press into salt. Place a few ice cubes in the bottom of the glass, followed by lime juice. 

Fill the glass half with beer and half with tomato juice. Add in spices and slowly stir gently and enjoy.