December 25, 2015 admin

Beer Resolutions for the New Year!

It’s almost the end of 2015, and with the new year comes promises of a new you. Everyone loves to make resolutions on January 1st, promises to themselves that they will do better this year. Go to the gym more. Eat healthier. Drink better quality beer (that’s a good one). But what if, like our mascot Cornelius, you’re already practically perfect in every way? What resolutions could you possibly make? Well, even if you work out 6 times a week, eat salad every day and sip only the finest Ontario craft Hopfenweisse, you might still have some room for improvement. Here for your consideration are our Better Beer Resolutions:

  1. Serve your beer at the proper temperature. Not every beer needs to be “rocky mountain cold”, and in fact, some beers benefit from being served a little above fridge temperature. Higher alcohol brews should be served warmer than a crisp light lager, and the general rule of thumb is that the serving temperature matches the ABV. The ideal serving temp for our Hopfenweisse? Anywhere between 3-5 degrees Celsius.
  2. Pour your beer into a glass. Sure, the can is convenient, and bottles are kinda cool, but until you pour that golden nectar into a proper glass, you’re denying yourself a key part of the experience. Proper glassware accentuates the look, smell and taste of a beer, and allows for the creation of a foam head, which will protect your beer from oxygenation. We suggest a tall, narrow glass with a fluted head for our beer. In fact, you can buy some here.
  3. Match your beer to your meal. Finding the right food for your beer only makes it better, as the flavours and aromas accentuate each other. If you’re not sure what to eat with your beer, ask your server, or Google it! There’s tons of answers out there, just waiting for the right question to be asked.
  4. Try new things! Seriously, there is so much great beer out there being made by amazing craft brewers all across this province. Don’t know what a Hopfenweisse is? Grab a can and find out! Life’s too short to drink the same old thing, so get out there and explore!
The best of the holiday season to you and yours. Cheers to 2016, may it be your best year yet!