October 17, 2015 admin

Halloween Candy Beer Pairing


Halloween is just around the corner, and kids are already dreaming about all the candy they’ll be lugging home the night of the 31st. And of course, their parents are scheming about how much candy they can steal without the little ones noticing. But with so many different treats out there, how can you possibly know what beer to drink with them? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve worked tirelessly, testing every possible Halloween candy with our All or Nothing Hopfenweisse, to bring you what we feel are the best beer-candy pairings around. No tricks, just treats.

Starburst: The sweet citrusy flavours of lemon and orange starburst are a great compliment to the tropical and citrus notes from our West-Coast style hops. Bonus points if you get the tropical Starburst with Pineapple flavour!

Skittles: Similar to Starburst, we like to take one of each flavour, mash them all together and then knock them back with a refreshing swig of our brew. Sweet plus sweet equals SWEET!

Orange Chocolate: If you happen to go to one of those fancy grown-up Halloween parties, you may be lucky enough to find some chocolate-dipped candied orange peel, which matches great with our beer. Or, you may just grab one of those big chocolate oranges that you slam into the table and then unwrap. Either way, delicious!

Raisins: Just kidding, no one likes raisins in their Halloween candy! That’s like giving out free toothbrushes; you’re just asking for trouble.