October 11, 2015 admin

Happy Thanksgiving!


With Thanksgiving happening this weekend, everyone is getting ready for the big family feasts that stretch our waistbands. Some people chow down on turkey and mashed potatoes, others prefer ham and creamed asparagus, while still others will go for a light fish and steamed veggies. Whatever is on your table this weekend, you’ll inevitably want to have something to wash it all down. And that’s where we come in! If you’ve got Underdog’s in the fridge (which you should always have) and want to know what to pair it with, we’ve got some suggestions:

Appetizer: The Cheese Board

Before you get to the big game, the main meal, you’ve gotta warm up those stomach muscles. You wouldn’t run a marathon without a little stretching first, would you? A nice variety of cheeses, nuts and fruits is the perfect way to start your feast, and our Hopfenweisse pairs beautifully with softer styles like Chevre, Brie and less-funky Blues. The cereal notes from the wheat malt act like a cracker, supporting the rich creamy flavours of the cheese.

The Main Event

While turkey, stuffing and potatoes seems to be the typical Thanksgiving staple, there are lots of options for a less coma-inducing entrée. Grilled or poached lemon-dill fish is a great lighter option, and takes much less time than that 30 pound turkey you were trying to wedge into your small apartment oven. The zesty lemon pairs beautifully with the citrusy hop notes in our Hopfenweisse, which you can even use as part of the marinade. Add some grilled asparagus and creamy scalloped potatoes and you’ve got yourself an award-winning Thanksgiving dinner that’s so much more than just another bird.


Of course, we don’t want to stray too far from Thanksgiving traditions, and it wouldn’t be thanksgiving without PIE! Specifically, apple and pumpkin pies. You might be surprised to learn that cinnamon and nutmeg are flavours which match great with wheat beers, and we fully encourage pairing our Hopfenweisse with your gluttonous dessert of choice. My personal favourite is a thick slice of homemade apple pie, a piece of 3 year old white cheddar, and a tall cold Underdog’s to wash it all down.

From all of us here at Underdog’s Brewhouse, thank you for all of your support this past year. We couldn’t do it without you, and we look forward to many more years of bringing you the best wheat beers in Canada.