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Name and Position – Cornelius – Mascot and Spokesman, Moustache Enthusiast

First beer you remember drinking? As a lad working in the shipyards, I received a ration of one gallon of ale per day. This was when I was just 12, but I was already on my way to becoming a man. However, it was not until I was given a pint of that golden All or Nothing Hopfenweisse that I truly understood why man had created beer. From that point forward, no other ale or lager has ever crossed my lips.

Most recent non-Underdog’s beer you drank? See my previous answer.

Why did you get into the beer industry? When the Dornan boys asked me to be the mascot for their brewery, I was hesitant. As a man of upstanding integrity, I can only put my name and mustache behind something I truly believe in. However, when I tried their beer, I knew that this was one I could get behind, without question. Ever since, I have been travelling the world, preaching the gospel of this delightful brew.

What is the best part of working in the beer industry? Craft beer is a world of fine people, who believe in what they are doing, and feel strongly about the product they make. I admire anyone who crafts something simple, necessary and of high quality. Beer is the working man’s drink, but it has been elevated to a superior level by the great work of those in the industry. I salute them all!

What craft beer bar would you recommend to a friend? Wisebar is a fine establishment, though I often get ejected from public houses due to my refusal to wear a shirt.

What do you do when you’re not doing beer stuff? Wrestling bears and then releasing them back into the wild. Carving mustache combs from tree trunks, then combing my mustache. Watching my back, lest I be caught unawares by rascals.

What’s your favourite food to pair with All or Nothing? I would never eat anything I did not catch myself, so I would pair it with whatever has strolled into my snares that day.