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Get to Know the Underdogs Pt. #3

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Name and Position – Jeff Dornan – Owner & Co-Founder

First beer you remember drinking? My first beer I remember actually tasting was either a bottle of Steam Whistle Pilsner or Mill St Tank House Ale. I remember thinking that the Tank House Ale was extremely flavourful, which I didn’t expect from beer.

Most recent non-Underdog’s beer you drank? Two year aged bottle of Tempest Stout from Amsterdam Brewery.

Why did you get into the beer industry? I got into the beer industry as I like locally produced products and strongly disliked that the beer industry is dominated by huge multi-national corporations that are always looking to add to their bottom line and not necessarily make a better or more flavourful product. I wanted to focus on creating a product that is local, high-quality and delicious.

What is the best part of working in the beer industry? The best part about the industry is the constant interaction with new people at events and on the street. We get to hear so many stories of how our beer touched people’s day in a positive way, and how many people love drinking our beer.

What craft beer bar would you recommend to a friend? Wvrst in Toronto is an all-time favourite spot of mine. Nothing beats house-made sausages paired with a great beer! They always have an amazing selection on draught, and they keep their lines really clean. You always know that you are getting a beer the way it is supposed to taste.

What do you do when you’re not doing beer stuff? On days off I enjoy spending time outside or tending to my vegetable/hop garden.

What’s your favourite food to pair with All or Nothing? I am a huge sucker for curries and love pairing our beer with a big bowl of spicy red chicken curry. The flavours balance perfectly, and the cold beer tempers the heat and spice of the dish.