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Name and Position – Eric Dornan – Owner & Co-founder

First beer you remember drinking? – I remember drinking a “Lucky Lager” with my best friend in high school and thinking “how does anyone willingly put this swill into their body?” Needless to say, it turned me off beer for a few years until I stumbled upon my first craft beer, which I believe was a Mill Street Organic or Tankhouse.

Most recent beer you drank? –  Nickelbrook Naughty Neighbour – I love the intense citrus notes you get in this brew.

Why did you get into the beer industry? – I ran a sales agency business with my brother and dad for almost 6 years and over that time I watched numerous jobs go overseas that would be positions that people my age would fill if they were here in Canada. After a while, I started craving the ability to hire local talent and operate a business that was truly local. We really love that we’ve created a business that is community supported and inspired.

What is the best part of working in the beer industry? – Everyone is your best friend. Typically almost every person you meet wants to talk about your brewery and what we do well, and what we are known for.

What craft beer bar would you recommend to a friend? – I love The Craft Brasserie in Liberty Village. The staff there are evangelists of the craft beer industry in Canada. They ensure their lines are always cleaned, the variety of beer available is exceptional and the staff is great to work with. They are real professionals and they feature some of the best craft beers available in Ontario and Canada.

What do you do when you’re not doing beer stuff? – I typically spend my free time renovating my 1950’s bungalow, while drinking some All or Nothing Hopfenweisse of course.

What’s your favourite food to pair with All or Nothing? – I am a big fan of pairing our All or Nothing with Cajun chicken or anything grilled and spicy. The smokiness that the BBQ imparts on the meat compliments the complex flavours you find in our Hopfenweisse.