July 30, 2015 admin

Beer Cocktails

Underdog’s is proud to be in the vanguard of what we call the “Better Beer Revolution”, as beer drinkers the world over are choosing high-quality, full-flavour craft beers. In the same way, cocktails have been making a big comeback, with bartenders fashioning some truly unique libations. One of the crazy ingredients being used in these creations? Beer!

With the August Long Weekend upon us, we want to share some of our personal favourite beer-based cocktails with you. Mix up a pitcher of All or Nothing Sangria for your backyard BBQ, or start your Sunday brunch with spicy Michelada. Click the thumbnail below to find out how you can make some unique and delicious Hopfenweisse cocktails, and share your own creations with us! We’ll feature our favorite recipes in a future posting.