D iverse and Delicious Ales are at the heart of the history at All or Nothing Brewhouse & Trafalgar Ales and Meads. Trafalgar opened its doors 24 years ago and will be part of the brewing heritage of Ontario for decades to come. From rich and malty English style Ales to modern hop forward Pale Ales and hop rich India Pale Ales, our brewing team has an ale that’s sure to satisfy anyone with a passion for craft beer. With nearly all ingredients in our beers being sourced locally, its not just a longstanding business in Ontario, it is a brewery with a passion for showcasing the quality of the great province of Ontario for all to enjoy.



All or Nothing Hopfenweisse

5.1% abv - 473 ml - 25 IBU - $2.95
GLASSWARE: Tall Fluted Weizen Glass – Pick one up at our online store!

A lightly-hopped, highly sessionable wheat beer, All or Nothing is like nothing you’ve seen before. Golden in colour, with a sparkling foamy head, the first sniff reveals notes of banana and bubblegum. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find hints of tropical fruit and a touch of citrus. When you finally bring that glass to your lips, you’ll be delighted by how the sweet and refreshing fruitiness is followed by more assertive tropical hops, creating a delightful hybrid of Hefeweizen and west-coast Pale Ale flavours.

Unlike some other wheat beers, All or Nothing is brewed without added sugars or flavours. Using 3 types of malt and 4 varieties of hops, we’ve crafted a beer that is complex yet approachable, refreshing yet bold, and always delicious. Try us today, we think you’ll agree!

American Pale Ale "APA"

5% abv - 500 ml - $3.95

Trafalgar’s American Pale Ale is a salute to our friends down south who have inspired us with the latest revolution in beer – the age of North American Pale Ales. Brewed in small batches, our APA has a full and balanced hop flavor whose bite is kept in check with a rich malty backbone. The citrus and pine notes are complimented by floral aromatics without being overpowering. Premium and Specialty malts with caramel notes provide a stable and rich base, showcasing the vitality of North American Hops. Easy to Drink and full of Flavor, Trafalgar’s American Pale Ale is a suitable staple for any season or activity.