Mission Statement:

We give it our all in pursuit of being Canada’s #1 craft beverage producer.  We refuse to be defined by archaic Bavarian laws and settle for the status quo on what beer or alcoholic beverages can be.  We come to work every day to share our passion for the craft, and of course, that means brewing delicious and innovative craft beverages!


About Us:

All or Nothing Brewhouse was founded in 2014 in Oshawa, Ontario by brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan based on the core philosophy that with hard work, any insurmountable obstacle can be overcome no matter the odds.  The company started out against some of the largest multinational beer conglomerates that have thousands of employees and massive advertising budgets and the odds were definitely stacked against us.  And that’s exactly how we like it.  What we lack in size, we more than make up for with superior, high quality and full-flavour beer, excellent customer service and the fire-in-the-belly energy to do our part in the “Better Beer Revolution”.

Embracing this spirit, the company opened in Oshawa, Ontario located in the heart of the Durham region.  Oshawa and the surrounding Durham region have long been seen as the underdog to our big brother Toronto.  Tired of living in the shadows of the GTA, we felt it was about time that we brought great craft beer to our under-estimated but always over-delivering city!  Our doors opened as a contract brewery in Oshawa in January 2014 with a roaring success!  Soon after the company launched its first beer into the LCBO and Beer Store in the summer of 2015.  It was the breweries goal since day one to have it’s own “brick & mortar” operation and an opportunity that the company couldn’t pass up arose in early 2016.

In June 2016, All or Nothing Brewhouse acquired Trafalgar Ales & Meads, Trafalgar Artisanal Distillery and Black Creek Historic Brewery.  Over the course of the remainder of 2016 the company consolidated operations into their newly adopted temporary home of Oakville.  Building on the 20+ years Trafalgar has provided to the Ontario craft beer scene, this acquisition puts All or Nothing Brewhouse in a unique position where the company cannot only produce beer but also mead and spirits all under one roof.

In June 2019, All or Nothing Brewhouse opened their “forever” home back home in Oshawa within an old defuncted BeerStore location at 439 Ritson Road South, Oshawa.  This location features a 1,500 sq.ft German Beerhall, outdoor patio and beautiful retail & taproom.  With our products readily available across the Province of Ontario and many US states, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of good beer across North America, as we continue to solidify our position as a leader in the Better Beer Revolution…